Re-cultivate farmland

With united forces we would like to re-cultivate the old Vidigal farm again.

Learning together and farming in an ecologically sustainable way.
On the old Vidigal Farm we would like to create space to learn together.

We will offer space for seminars on the farm and fields for practical learning and application.

Come and let's recultivate farmland together!


Stay tuned for seminars in Eco Farming!

--- waiting for the rain season to start ---


Roll up your sleeves and work with us - Welcome!


Use our nature observation posts for unique bird watching and amazing star gazing.

Bird Watching

The Algarve is a fantastic bird watching region.
You can watch ospreys, gliders, bee-eater or oriole, for example, directly from our observation posts.

Star Gazing

The Westalgarve is sparsely populated and offers a clear view of the starry night sky.
Even the Milky Way is easy to see on new moon nights!

Observation Posts

You can rent our observation posts and enjoy the silence and privacy of the open view.
South faced with private bathroom:
from 30€/day on

For a visit please contact us (onlySMS / WhatsApp):
+49 152 02109583